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A Terra é plana ou redonda?

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Há cada vez mais pessoas a pensar que a Terra é plana…

… e a culpa é do YouTube.




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Pete Souza – o fotógrafo que luta contra Trump no instagram

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O antigo fotógrafo do Presidente Barack Obama, Pete Souza, muito activo no instagram na época em que o Obama esteve no activo, decidiu, após a vitória de Donald Trump, continuar a publicar as suas fotografias do antigo presidente. Começou uma forma de luta contra o presidente actual.

Colocou a outra conta como arquivo (fotografia abaixo foi na ilha Terceira, na base americana, Base das Lajes).

E, de seguida, começou então de acordo com o que Trump ia fazendo, com uma segunda conta no instagram.


The shot that started it all: Barack Obama talks on the phone in the Oval Office with Vladimir Putin about the situation in Ukraine in March 2014. When Trump moved into the office, he changed the curtains and Pete Souza tweeted this picture along with the message: ‘I like these drapes better than the gaudy new gold ones.’ Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House


O próprio Pete Souza (que é descendente de Açorianos – os avós emigraram dos Açores), deixou o testemunho no conhecido The Guardian.

Inauguration Day 2017 was an emotional day. I had spent eight years visually documenting President Barack Obama’s time in office as his chief official White House photographer, and I was exhausted. I looked forward to a break, but knew I’d miss interacting with him and my White House friends. 

At the time, I hoped Trump would surround himself with competent people, learn on the job and not lead us down a dangerous path. But his presidency has become a reality game show. He does not respect women, minorities or immigrants. To him, a critical news story is “fake news”.

Early in the first week of his presidency, I posted on my Instagram account an innocuous photograph I’d taken of Obama by the Resolute Desk. Underneath I wrote a snarky caption, saying: “I like these drapes better than the gaudy new gold ones” that had recently been installed. I was pissed off that Trump had been elected. I was also appalled by the curtains themselves: the redecorated Oval Office, with its emphasis on gold, made the White House look like his personal palace. In fact, it is the people’s house.

Passou então a fazer uma espécie de comparação com o que Trump andava a fazer nas primeiras semanas de presidência. Assim, publicava fotografias de Obama no mesmo período de presidência.


Donald Trump tweets: ‘WITCH HUNT!’ on 27 February 2018. Pete Souza responds by tweeting this picture with the caption: ‘A different kind of witch hunt – Halloween 2010.’ Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House

“Pete is dropping shade with a comment on drapes.” What is shade? I wondered. During the next few days I posted more photographs of Obama taken during his presidency, using subtle captions that contrasted with something the new president had done. 


Donald Trump tweets: ‘The real story is that President Obama did NOTHING after being informed in August about Russian meddling’ on 26 June 2017. Pete Souza responds by tweeting this picture with the caption: ‘On 5 September 2016, President Obama confronted Vladimir Putin about meddling in our election.’ Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House

Dozens of reporters asked to interview me. I turned them down. They did their stories anyway. A few wrote that I was “throwing shade” at the new president. Finally, I Googled “throwing shade” and discovered it’s a “subtle, sneering expression of contempt for or disgust with someone – sometimes verbal and sometimes not”. Yup, that’s what I was doing – throwing shade.

And I kept it up for the first 500 days of the new administration, and I plan to keep going. My comments are often humorous, and I’d even say they are more or less respectful. They are certainly more respectful than the tweets coming from Trump. I also try to make subtle comments with my Instagram posts without directly revealing what the current president has said or done.


Donald Trump tweets: ‘We must keep “evil” out of our country!’ on 3 February 2017. Pete Souza responds by tweeting this picture with the caption: ‘President Obama shaking hands after his remarks in 2016 at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque and Al-Rahmah School in Baltimore, Maryland.’ Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House


E, abaixo, fiquem com algumas fotografias do instagram.

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Paparazzi. They're everywhere.

A post shared by Pete Souza (@petesouza) on

Neste fotografia abaixo, o tão famoso cão de Obama. Na altura em que foi para a White House, as filhas do Presidente eram pequenas, como tal, ele queria uma raça canina que fosse calma para poder conviver com as crianças. Assim, a escolha recaiu no Cão de Água Português.


Fiquem com muitas mais fotografias de Pete Souza nas duas contas oficiais do fotógrafo!

Vale a pena!



The Guardian


Pete Souza – instagram (oficial)

Pete Souza – instagram (arquivo)


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