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Why paper cuts hurt so much?

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Aconteceu-me há uns dias atrás e hoje encontrei isto!

It happened to me a few days ago and today I found this!

First, our fingers and hands are loaded with sensitive nerves. When you get a paper cut the nerves send pain signals to your brain.

Plus, a paper cut is not a clean cut. If you look at the edge of paper under a microscope you’ll see it’s jagged, sort of like shark teeth.

This leads to messier, more painful wounds. Lastly, paper is made from wood and chemicals. So, that wood and chemical combination can get stuck in the skin. This can irritate the cut and bother you for days.



Business Insider



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31 de Julho de 2018 at 18:31

Lexus – Making the Origami Inspired Car

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Honda “Paper”

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Take a journey through six decades of Honda innovation as multiple animators manipulate thousands of hand-drawn illustrations.

Experience the Power of Dreams at

Christo Dagorov – Lips

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authenticity – lips series 1.10 / 2010 / pencil on paper / 25.6” x 19.8” / 65 x 50 cm


aspiration – lips series 2.10 / 2010 / pencil on paper / 25.6” x 19.8” / 65 x 50cm


indiscretion (lips series 3.10) / 2010 / pencil on paper / 25.6” x 19.8” / 65 x 50cm


wealth (lips series 5.11) / 2011 / pencil on paper / 25.6” x 19.8”



Christo Dagorov – Lips

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22 de Novembro de 2014 at 16:02

WTF?!?!? Como é possível?!

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Devido à pressa para entrar no directo, pegou na resma de papel e esqueceu-se do tablet…


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19 de Setembro de 2013 at 19:43