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The iPhone XS has a serious problem…

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A Apple depois do Steve Jobs nunca mais foi a mesma coisa… Agora, de ano para ano, preocupam-se em vender, vender, vender… e não se preocupam com o principal: qualidade do produto!

A cada dia que passa, surgem novos problemas. Desta feita, um muito grave, em que o iPhone não carrega com o telemóvel em standby. Isto é muitíssimo grave! Uma vez mais, os preços dos iPhones subiu imenso e a qualidade tem deixado muito a desejar!

Ao ponto de, o YouTuber conhecido pelos reviews a milhares de produtos, Lewis Hilsenteger, mais conhecido pelo canal Unbox Therapy, ter recebido um e-mail de um cliente Apple a pedir ajuda urgente!

Vejam o vídeo!


September Keynote 2018 – Opening Film – Apple

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iPhone Xs CONFIRMED! Everything Leaks! RIP 3D Touch & Final Specs

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Written by Nuno França - Photography

29 de Agosto de 2018 at 13:00

Berlengas Island Cup 2018

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Berlengas Island Cup 2018. Rival teams refuse to play on the other’s pitch. They agree to play on neutral territory, the Berlengas islands off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, seven miles from the mainland. The Berlengas Island Cup 2018 hosts Baleal vs. Peniche. It’s a historic match to decide who is champion of the sea and soccer pitch.




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Assault inside an Apple Store

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California police have released surveillance footage of four thieves stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of laptops and phones from a Fresno Apple store, CBS News reports, and the whole thing looks like the chillest heist ever.

Last Saturday morning, the robbers allegedly strolled into the crowded store, scooped as many pieces of electronics off the display tables as their arms could carry, and then just casually jogged out as the Apple customers and staff looked on, completely dumbfounded. A few people who seemed particularly unfazed never even stood up from their seats.


This was no elaborate movie-style heist—there were no fancy costumes or daring high-speed acrobatics or heroic employees stepping in to foil the planor whatever. All it took was about 30 seconds to boost roughly $27,000-worth of Apple gear and split. Judging from the CCTV footage, they probably didn’t even work up a sweat:





Written by Nuno França - Photography

12 de Julho de 2018 at 19:43

Gavin Williamson: Síria vs. Siri

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Trick on iPhone – save your home button

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Written by Nuno França - Photography

1 de Junho de 2017 at 19:18