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8D Audio Pentatonix (listen to this with headphones!!)

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Que trabalho fantástico do grupo de vozes Pentatonix, que aproveitam uma música da Billie Eilish para construir este efeito 8D na música!

Mas experimentem ouvir com headphones (auscultadores), só assim conseguem aproveitar o som!


E deixem o vosso feedback nos comentários abaixo! 😀


Amazing work with great sound! Just beautiful the way the sound surrounds us with headphones (doesn’t work with speakers or earphones)!


Give your feedback in the comments below! 😀

This is the new music of Pentatonix, composed with 8D technology, that makes you feel the music from outside and not from your ears. Try only with both headphones on for a maximum effect (won’t work on speakers).




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