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Covid-19 // Coronavírus

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Infelizmente, com o espalhar desta doença, percebemos umas coisinhas e, para mim, a principal:

Unfortunately, with the spread of this disease, we understood some things…and, for me, this is the one:

– ainda há muita gente que não tem regras básicas de higiene…

– there are still many people that doesn’t know the basics of hygiene…

E, neste sentido, partilho um pequeno contador/vídeo que um amigo meu fez:

A friend of mine made a video with a counter:

Uma regra tão básica, como um simples lavar das mãos, poderia ser uma solução para evitar o espalhar disto…

A basic rule, like a washing hands, around 20/30 seconds, could be the solution to avoid this spread…

Obviamente, há outra também muito importante:

– não tossir/espirrar sem tapar a boca (e tapá-la com o antebraço, nunca com as mãos)

Obviously, there is another one:

– do not cough or sneeze without covering your mouth (with you forearm, not with your hands)!!

Kiss my ALS

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Sometimes we forget why we are doing things. Take dumping cold buckets of water on our heads, for example. You’ve probably seen a lot of videos of your friends doing it this week. Well, here’s a really important reminder of the reason we’re doing it. Next week the Internet will get back to its regularly scheduled cat videos, I promise. So sit back, grab a tissue, and let’s remember the reason behind the fun.

I started this video after the actual challenge, so if you’d like to see the guy get covered with freezing water, go ahead and restart it at the beginning. When I saw this video, I felt it needed to be shared. If you feel the same, feel free to pass it along. And if you want to donate to ALS in his name, I would totally click here.


Written by Nuno França

21 de Agosto de 2014 at 19:44