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1 Million People Follow This Photographer On Instagram, And After Seeing His Pics It’s No Wonder Why

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They say practice makes perfect, so photographer Jason M. Peterson should be pretty close to excellence by now. During the last 25 years, Peterson has been taking black and white pictures, constantly pushing his limits, and his persistent artistic efforts have gained him a whopping 1-million-strong following on Instagram.

“To me, my photos aren’t about black and white at all,” Peterson told My Modern Met. “I am trying to capture human emotion, make the viewer feel something. Black and white helps focus on that emotion—color is one less thing to be in the way of seeing the feeling.”

Peterson is an expert when it comes to bringing out the best in shadows, playing with angles and lines, or simply composing the shot. His portfolio has a huge variety of photos, including cityscapes and street photography. They’re bold and graphic, and the strong visual storytelling that Peterson learned in the advertising world (he works as the Chief Creative Officer for Havas North America) blends with the aesthetics perfectly.

More info: Instagram (h/t mmm)




Jason M. Peterson

Written by Nuno França

12 de Abril de 2018 at 07:13

Why the Panda is Black and White (HD)

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3 years ago I watched this video for the first time. Today, I watched it again and decided to share with you.

Summer is soon by Ruslan Suleimanov

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“The Summer is soon” is a beautiful set of black and white illustrations by graphic designer and art director Ruslan Suleimanov from Kazakhstan. Check more of his artwork at Behance.

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Foto(s) do dia

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Over the Delta

Photograph by Hans Strand, National Geographic Your Shot

“I was shooting for my upcoming book on Iceland and hired a pilot to fly me over the highlands,” writes Your Shot contributor Hans Strand. “In the far distance I saw this inspiring river delta over Hvítarvatn near Langjökull glacier and directed the pilot to make a few laps over it. We flew three 360-degree laps at about a 400-meter [1,300-foot] altitude right over the delta, and I concentrated on getting a good frame. The wind coming from Langjökull was very strong, which made the airplane very turbulent, and after the three laps I had to give up and fly back to Reykjavík due to airsickness. Luckily, I got what I wanted.”

This photo recently appeared in the Your Shot assignment Nature in Black and White.

Written by Nuno França

24 de Junho de 2014 at 09:24