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3 Reasons You Can’t Maintain Any New Habits

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Sterling Grinnell: é um jovem YouTuber, fotógrafo, cineasta (filmmaker) que começou bem novo a trabalhar numa área que gosta.

Vale a pena verem o seu trabalho.


Sterling Grinnell: a young YouTuber, photographer, director, who started to work on what he loves with only 23 years old.

Worth to see his work!




Do you agree?


Fontes / Sources:

Sterling Grinnell – YouTube Channel

Sterling Grinnell – Instagram


How Sound Effects For Horror Movies Are Made | Movies Insider

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Studio Unknown’s Foley artist and sound designer Matt Davies makes sound effects for TVs and films in unusual types of ways. He uses raw chicken, crunchy tomatoes, and bell peppers to mimic the gross sounds you hear in horror films. Zombies are one of his specialties. He’s mastered the guttural groaning noises heard in both classic and modern zombie films, including “V/H/S/2.”



Insider – YouTube

Gato Zarathustra by Svetlana Petrova

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Svetlana Petrova recorre ao seu gato Zarathustra para, segundo ela, melhorar as suas pinturas, uma vez que acredita que este felino adorável tem um carisma único.

“Eu sou apenas uma humilde assistente deste rei peludo, que gentilmente me permite usar todas as minhas habilidades em pintura, fotografia e photoshop para recriar obras-primas de artistas renomados do passado”, brinca a artista, recorrendo a uma linguagem antiga para descrever a sua obra.

Juntos, Petrova e Zarathustra “revisitaram” mais de 150 pinturas e juntaram-nas num livro intitulado “Arte do Gato Gordo: Obras-primas famosas e melhoradas por um gato com atitude”. O livro está disponível em livrarias online.

fatcat (1)fatcat (2)fatcat (3)fatcat (4)fatcat (5)fatcat (6)fatcat (7)fatcat (8)fatcat (9)



Svetlana Petrova e Zarathustra, o gato: Web | Instagram | Facebook

Eddie Putera – memories with realistic dioramas

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Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and 51-year-old Malaysian artist Eddie Putera proves it with his stunning miniature dioramas. Putera combines his talents of miniature modeling and photography to create scenes so detailed that it’s hard to believe they are all hand-made mini versions of objects, and not real life still photography. Some of them take as little as a week to complete, and Eddie says that sometimes he manages to complete 5-6 of them in a month.

Eddie Putera is a Malaysian artist who combines his photography skills with miniature modeling to create stunning dioramas

The artist’s work is characterized by urban scenes and rustic finish





Putera says that he started creating dioramas to tell a story


Many people buy them as gifts, or request customized sets


Though sometimes his miniatures look like straight from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie





And he perfectly recreates all textures, like sea waves crashing



Although people are not a frequent motif in his miniatures, Putera sometimes features them in living spaces





Bored Panda

Eddie Putera – Facebook

Eddie Putera – Instagram

Written by Nuno França

20 de Abril de 2018 at 18:02

PZ – “Neura”

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30 de Abril de 2015 at 11:10

Patrick Kramer – hyper realistic paintings

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18 de Abril de 2015 at 08:58

Michael Waraksa

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Michael Waraksa is a Chicago based artist/illustrator.
Visit the official webpage and Facebook.
Whiz uncommisioned, 2012

uncommisioned, 2012


San Francisco Weekly Cover illustration for a feature about the dark side of sports website Bleacher Report.

San Francisco Weekly
Cover illustration for a feature about the dark side of sports website Bleacher Report.


Mesozoic uncommissioned, 2014

uncommissioned, 2014


New Aluminium Thursday uncommissioned, 2012

New Aluminium Thursday
uncommissioned, 2012


The Village Voice Best of NYC 2013, Food & Drink

The Village Voice
Best of NYC 2013, Food & Drink


Vacancy uncommissioned, 2013

uncommissioned, 2013


Written by Nuno França

24 de Janeiro de 2015 at 20:04

Crashed Cars Sculptures by Dirk Skreber

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These impressive car wrecks are sculptures created by German artist Dirk Skreber.
Dirk purchased a red Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and a black Hyundai Tiburon with the intention of smashing them. He then found a vehicle-testing facility in Ohio and choreographed both accidents, before exhibiting them at the Saatchi Gallery in London.



“It was fun to do, awesome and super-intense,” says Skreber. “If you pass an accident and see a car like this, it’s occupied by tragic thoughts for the people that would be involved, and you might see blood. This work gives you an opportunity to see the things like in a dream. It’s clean and polished and abstract.”




The inspiration grid

The Saatchi Gallery

Martin Olsson

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Martin Olsson is a 31 year old from Malmö, Sweden. He is an artist that works with video, digital, painting and drawing. He is also a stage technician and a forklift driver. He mainly works in Cinema 4d and After Effects. Find around two years of his work on Tumblr as martinolsson.













Cross Connect Mag

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8 de Novembro de 2014 at 17:54

Baku Maeda: ice sculptures

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The artist and illustrator Baku Maeda (previously) has created a pair of seasonally appropriate eye wear.


Written by Nuno França

4 de Abril de 2014 at 20:06