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The Lego Backpacker

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Tom Parson foi quem deu “vida” a este boneco Lego.

O nome do projecto: The Lego Backpacker.

Um boneco que viaja por todo o mundo! E, à custa disto, já tem mais de 25 mil seguidores no instagram.

Vale a pena seguir as viagens do boneco!

Tom Parson gave “life” to his Lego toy.

The name of the project: The Lego Backpacker.

A toy that travels around the World. And, because of that, has 25.000 followers on instagram.

You have to follow that!


Surreal Journey – Ben Chase Photography

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Bloco de Cotas

Written by Nuno França

16 de Novembro de 2014 at 19:34

Marty Cooper – illustrations

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Marty Cooper is a creative illustrator from United States. He has the bright idea of making his daily funky cartoons by superimposing reality. In his recent photo project, he draws little cartoony characters on transparent plastic sheets and then inserts them into landscapes of everyday life. He is regularly updating new ideas on his Instagram and Tumblr account. Checkout below how illustrator Marty Cooper turns street into a real adventure.





Written by Nuno França

31 de Março de 2014 at 12:09


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16 de Setembro de 2013 at 11:51