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Cowspiray – The Sustainability Secret

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The Truth…


Pyramid Song – André Matos

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My friend André Matos did a great, great job again!

Watch this… so beautiful!

“All my lovers were there with me
All my past and futures”

Original Videoclip and Soundtrack:
( if you’re reading this, please check the original video clip before watching my version)

A Cover from Wolf Gang:

Special thanks to Radiohead, Wolf Gang and Shynola for such inspiration.

This videoclip it’s dedicated to Henrique


And behind the scenes.



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10 de Agosto de 2016 at 19:32

Foto(s) do dia

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Halo Effect

Photograph by Will Strathmann, National Geographic Your Shot

Bioluminescent phytoplankton surround swimmers in circles of brilliant blue light. Your Shot member Will Strathmann captured this image while in Krabi, Thailand. “[I] heard that the bioluminescence [was] beginning to peak under the new moon … While this photo doesn’t come close to the actual experience, I am proud I was able to capture and share this magical moment.”

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25 de Junho de 2016 at 20:28

Please – Save the Arctic

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21 de Junho de 2016 at 19:42

Leões detidos… por suspeita de crime!

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Não sei se esta notícia é para rir ou chorar…

A polícia indiana deteve 18 leões suspeitos de terem matado três pessoas em Gujarat, no oeste da Índia.

As autoridades explicaram à BBC que o culpado será descoberto através da análise das fezes e das impressões das patas. Este será condenado a uma prisão perpétua num jardim zoológico.

Estes animais encontravam-se na reserva Gir National Park, que já se mostrou incapaz de acomodar todos os leões, o que leva alguns a ultrapassarem as fronteiras delineadas.

Os leões detidos pertencem a uma espécie ameaçada. Na Ásia, existem apenas 400 leões em estado selvagem.

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15 de Junho de 2016 at 12:14

Wildebeest Migration Time-lapse

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Foto(s) do dia

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Butter Believe Your Eyes

Photograph by Achintya Guchhait, National Geographic Your Shot

Your Shot community member Achintya Guchhait captured this photo of brave “travelers and locals taking shelter under a huge rock [that’s been] stuck for ages in Mahabalipuram, India.” The rock, perched in a gravity-defying position on the edge of a hill, is nicknamed Krishna’s Butter Ball. Scientists believe it was likely placed by ancient glacial activity; however, legend has it that Lord Krishna, a fan of butter, dropped it where it sits.