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Fans dressed as Darth Vader and Chewbacca take a boat trip to the Skelligs on May 4, 2018, in Portmagee, Ireland. The first Star Wars festival is taking place against the backdrop of the famous Skellig Michael island, which was used extensively in Episode VII and Episode VIII of the popular science-fiction saga. The small fishing village of Portmagee, which is closest to the location, has seen a boom in tourism following the latest films. The village will host a Star Wars drive-in and a Star Wars-themed Irish dancing competition over the weekend. Charles McQuillan / Getty



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Headies Challenge

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“Mad” Mike lança-se em foguetão caseiro para provar que a Terra é plana

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Um norte-americano de 61 anos, que acredita que a Terra é plana, lançou-se a si próprio num foguetão caseiro em direção do espaço. O lançamento aconteceu no sábado, mas não acabou da melhor maneira para “Mad” Mike Hughes, que acabou por aterrar violentamente no deserto de Mojave, na Califórnia. Tirando as dores de costas com que ficou, o homem revelou aos media que estava bem.


“Mad” Mike Hughes, como é conhecido, afirmou que ficou aliviado depois do lançamento no foguetão caseiro, onde se podia ler as palavras “TERRA PLANA”. O lançamento realizou-se na cidade deserta de Mojave, a cerca de 320 quilómetros de Los Angeles.

“Estava farto que as pessoas dissessem que me tinha acobardado e que não construía um foguetão. Então, arranjei coragem e construí”, reconheceu o norte-americano de 61 anos, citado pelo USA Today.

A missão tinha sido originalmente marcada para novembro, mas as permissões – ou a falta delas – atrasou o lançamento até este sábado.

Para conseguir lançar-se, o motorista de limusines converteu uma casa móvel numa rampa, de modo a lançar o foguetão caseiro a partir de um ângulo vertical.

De acordo com a agência Associated Press, Hughes alcançou uma velocidade de 563km/h no lançamento, sendo obrigado a abrir dois pára-quedas na descida, devido à velocidade. Apesar dos pára-quedas, a aterragem não foi nada suave.

“Se estou feliz por o ter feito?” Disse Hughes. “Acho que sim, mas vou sentir amanhã de manhã. Não vou conseguir levantar-me da cama. Pelo menos posso ir para casa e ver os meus gatos.”

O lançamento só foi possível após a permissão para lançar o foguetão caseiro de um terreno privado e feito de maneira a que se mantivesse longe das áreas públicas.

Mike Hughes não acredita que a Terra é plana e defende que os astronautas da NASA John Glenn e Neil Amstrong eram atores a desempenhar um papel em frente a um computador.



SIC Notícias

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These 15 Drawings are an incredible reflection of what’s “wrong” with society

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For centuries art has been used as a tool for telling the human story. What we look like, what we do, artistic expressions of our society – all are encompassed in centuries worth of art.


Now is no different. We see in film and music today, people calling out various aspects of our society that need to be observed. Whether it’s bands talking about the prison like nature of our world or films drawing upon the underlying consciousness that makes up all of life, the reflection triggers are there.

It’s no secret that in our society today we are faced with many challenges that are long overdue for change. In fact, humanity is being challenged a great deal to deal with those changes… now. It’s part of an overall shift in consciousness sweeping its way across our world.

The following drawings by Al Margen offer an opportunity to reflect on what our society has become. What do we do with these feelings as they arise from looking at these images? Begin with yourself. How do you feel about the images you see? Are you contributing to what they are representing? What can you do to change yourself and your own behaviours when it comes to what you see below?

Through acting on this change yourself, from a peaceful non judgmental or damning way, you inspire others to do the same. It’s one thing to simply look at these images and be amused, it’s another to begin acting on what they represent.

We choose to act. Change Starts Within.










More here.

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An Incredible World Map That Plots the Literal Translation of Every Country Name In the World

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The Literal Translation of Country Names is a remarkably researched map created by Neomam for their client Credit Card Compare, which plots the etymological origins of every country name in the world. Drawing from sources such as The CIA Factbook and Oxford University Press, the map offers insight into the spirit behind each name.

Europe has a long history of exploration, and many of the country names reflect the lands and those who explored them. …Africa is known as the cradle of civilisation – the place where all human life stems from. Its country names reveal a history of indigenous cultures and colonisation. … Asia …rich diversity of culture and history is reflected in its country names. …North American country names tell a story of European colonisation. …South America has some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. It’s also home to the world’s largest river: the Amazon. …Oceania may be the smallest continent, but its diverse landscapes – from tropical rainforest to volcanoes to grasslands – have fascinated people for centuries.

We live in a time of air travel and global exploration. We’re free to roam the planet and discover new countries and cultures. But how much do you know about the people who lived and explored these destinations in times past?

Learning the etymology – the origin of words – of countries around the world offers us fascinating insight into the origins of some of our favorite travel destinations and the people who first lived there.


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Congo = Kingdom of Mountains

Niger = River of Rivers

Nigeria = Land pf the Niger River

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See the other parts of the World here!


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How To Get A Cat To Pose In Front Of The Camera: Start Knitting

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Turns out being both a passionate knitter and a cat owner can be a challenging combination. But, add passionate photographer into the mix and you might just have the winning combo.

Every time I whip out my knit project I find myself in a pulling contest desperately trying to free up some yarn from the random attacks of our curious cats Luna or Bella. A knitter’s nightmare, but a photographers dream.

More info: Instagram

Luna the cat wants to jump on the pile of knits

Bella the cat came strutting onto the scene as I was trying out my new noodle knitting yarn

Knitting a scarf is a long project that takes even longer when you have a cat “helper”

Oh no Luna has dropped some stitches!




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People Are Posting Pics Of Their Cats Stretching, And It’s Hilarious

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Cats are probably one of the most flexible animals ever, which makes them the perfect yoga buddies. Sometimes the poses they strike are so hilarious it’s impossible to resist taking a picture. And sometimes, this is how new trends are started.

Image credits: mttkmsan

Image credits: mttkmsan


Image credits: mttkmsan


Image credits: mttkmsan


Image credits: mttkmsan


More photos here!


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