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My Book Features: Elizabeth Sagan

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Elizabeth Sagan, 25 anos, é apaixonada por livros e decidiu criar um projecto com o nome My Book Features, juntamente com o amigo James Trevino.

My Book Features, uma comunidade de troca de obras literárias para quem gosta de ler mas não encontra um determinado título à venda ou não dispõe de meios económicos para as adquirir. De início, as suas partilhas nas redes sociais serviam, sobretudo, para comunicar as suas leituras mais recentes.

A conta de Elizabeth conta com mais de 95.000 seguidores no instagram, partilha várias cenas literárias, de forma original, com as centenas de livros que tem em casa.

Vale a pena dar uma vista de olhos! 😀

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Finish the sentence: I like it when… 📚 …I find that the theme of the book box that I was sent, @beaconbookbox , is one my one fictional obsession: superpowers. I think everyone knows at this point how obsessed I'm with stories about superheroes/supervillains so I won't start talking about it for the 17th time. 📚 Funny thing, I did not steal this pic idea from James. Actually, it was the other way around. I like it when, after snapping at each other "don't steal my ideas" (without really being serious about it), one of us comes with with a new idea for a pic, and the other one is like "can I use this too?". Usually the answer "Yes, but I post it first". However, I let him post it first cause I'm a good friend. Praise me. 📚 Going back, I loved this box! It's a fairly new book box but they are doing a great job. I'm using the rice eye mask almost every single night and I loved the tea. I love when the boxes contain useful stuff. Also, the book was The Supervillain and Me by Danielle Banas which I haven't read yet because I have some busy days, but I can't wait to start it! 📚 If you feel like taking advantaje of my name to save money, the code is LIZ10 . 📚 By the way, this is a new #womenofbooks pic. If you don't know what I'm talking about, if you use this hashtag when you're portraying a powerful woman, I might shoutout you in my stories. 📚 #bookstagram #beacon #beaconbookbox #superman #superhero #supervillain #hero #villain #wonderwoman #marvel #dc #avengers #loki #thor #hela #nerdlife #flatlay #fromabove #powers #instabook #kitap #buch #book #read #reader #carte #carti

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Aqui, uma fotografia do amigo, James Trevino.



Elizabeth Sagan – instagram

My Book Features – instagram

James Trevino – instagram




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