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In the Realm of Legends – Drew Doggett

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Set against the dreamlike backdrop of Iceland’s waterfalls, black sand beaches and snowy tundras, this series highlights the relationship between a noble yet rugged breed of horses and the challenging landscape they’ve written into their DNA.

“Throughout all of my work, I find that I am consistently drawn towards places on Earth that are near-impossible,” he told Bored Panda, “Iceland is a surreal place, and the horses are the perfect companions to this unusual yet breathtaking land; the combination of the two is truly unforgettable.”


 “Durante todo o meu trabalho, acho que sou constantemente atraído para lugares no planeta que parecem inacreditáveis. A Islândia é um lugar surreal e os cavalos são os protagonistas perfeitos para este lugar incomum, mas de tirar o fôlego. A combinação destes dois elementos é verdadeiramente inesquecível”.



Drew Doggett – webpage

Drew Dogget – instagram



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