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Photos: This cliff-face house overlooking the Aegean is a lair fit for a supervillain

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File this under “potential hideaways for the villain in the next James Bond movie.”

The Netherlands-based Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) has designed a conceptual home literally built into the side of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece. For film buffs, it’s slightly reminiscent of St. Cyril’s Monastery from For Your Eyes OnlyOzymandias’ Antarctic retreat from Watchmen; or even Dr. Evil’s underground lair from Austin Powers (just missing Mike Myers’ face etched into the rock).

According to OPA, the project, called Casa Brutale, “redefines the harmonious coexistence of human and nature in a poetic homage to pure Brutalism.” The house has yet to actually be built, but OPA is looking for investors, and construction could begin soon.

The house features a pool made with reinforced glass that also happens to serve as the structure’s roof—piranhas optional (video).

The light coming in from the pool might…

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Written by paranoiasnfm

11 de Julho de 2015 às 09:19

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