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365 Project by Handy Andy Pandy

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Introducing the 365 Project by Handy Andy Pandy, a conceptual photographer and photo manipulator based in Australia. The project consists in creating a conceptual photo every day during an entire year. There’s plenty of amazing artwork to see and the full project is available at Flickr.

Alphabet Rain


Feeling A Little Horse


My Girlfriend Is A Fairy


Tea Party


Untapped Potential


A Boy And His Boat


In My Hands


I Tried Being Normal, but it Wasn’t Really My Thing


Lego To The Park


The Lonely Head


Handy Andy Pandy




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  1. I love these.
    I feel a littele horse could be me today.
    I love the alphabet rain, the tea party, in my hands, being crazy… so much talent!

    Dawn D

    11 de Janeiro de 2015 at 21:11


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