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The 17 best drone videos that gave a whole new perspective to 2014

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Drone photography came into its own this year.

Quadcopters with cameras got better and cheaper, turning more people into drone hobbyists and professional aerial videographers. Drones were used for cityscapes, nature walks, concerts, real estate listings, disaster surveys, Olympic sports—even self-portraiture, as selfies taken from the air became known as “dronies.”

With so many drone videos out there, picking the best of the year is a difficult task. To make our list, a video had to distinguish itself with a creative location, approach, or circumstance. Some drone videographers just got lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be). Others brought particular skill to an unusual place.

The popularity of drone videos can be partially explained, yes, by their novelty. (And their newfound ubiquity inevitably gave rise to complaints.) But at their best, drones provide a compelling vantage that captivates viewers and point in a new and creative…

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Written by paranoiasnfm

8 de Dezembro de 2014 às 12:38

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