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Dearly Beloved

Photograph by Bartek Olszewski, National Geographic Your Shot

“I was so lucky,” says Your Shot member Bartek Olszewski, who found this scene on entering London’s Richmond Park on a July day. He began taking as many pictures as he could of the battling stags. “It only lasted a few seconds,” he says. “I love to watch and track red deer, finding them and enjoying their natural behavior. I have my camera in my hands at all times when I’m going out to take pictures. Always be ready—wildlife is unpredictable, so it can surprise you at any time.”

Olszewski’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.



Written by paranoiasnfm

2 de Dezembro de 2014 às 12:45

Uma resposta

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  1. I love the fern crown 😉

    Dawn D

    13 de Dezembro de 2014 at 15:13


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