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Hilariously Strange Self Portraits By Iiu Susiraja

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One thing that you need to make sure while taking pictures of yourself is that your selfie should be something your viewer will be happy to look at because no one have spare time to look at selfies that aren’t interesting, funny or controversial. Keeping this thing in mind Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja revealed some unconventional, surreal and unflinchingly funny self-portraits creatively using her own body and environment.

“I photograph myself because it is the subject I certainly know the best,” explains the photographer in her artist’s statement. “I make object of myself and my privacy, which is a moment of fame. To turn the privacy public is a shelter for me. I feel privacy very painful. […] My art is like a playful anarchism with equipment and the rituals of taking back the power. Everyday life is my muse.“


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Written by paranoiasnfm

1 de Novembro de 2014 às 21:46

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  1. This disturbs me tremendously. Possibly the fact she never smiles. There is no fun in her pictures, just self-deprecation. I don’t like that.

    Dawn D

    3 de Novembro de 2014 at 08:46


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