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Foto(s) do dia

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Making Hay

Photograph by Andrius Jonusas, National Geographic Your Shot

“My camera is always with me when I jump in a cockpit,” writes Your Shot member Andrius Jonusas, who’s taken to merging his two hobbies—flying and photography. He captured this shot on a flight from Pociūnai, Lithuania, to Leszno, Poland. “My colleague and I were flying to see a day of the World Gliding Championships,” he writes. “This was taken about 50 kilometers [31 miles] east of Olsztyn in the Masurian region of northern Poland.”

Jonusas’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.


Written by paranoiasnfm

7 de Outubro de 2014 às 14:16

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    12 de Outubro de 2014 at 14:51


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