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Summer Pattern

Photograph by Sven Zacek, National Geographic Your Shot

Sunbathers make a haphazard pattern on the sand at Pärnu, the so-called summer capital of Estonia. Your Shot member Sven Zacek had been thinking up ideas for a book “showing the country as our national bird, the barn swallow, sees it.” One of the motifs he hoped to capture was a summer day on the beach in Pärnu, where people come together at the height of the season. “With aerial photography, the most important thing is to get the weather right,” he says. “On a July day at around 2 p.m., when the sun was at its hottest, I hired an airplane and we circled the beach and got some nice waves from the people. After a while they stopped paying attention—and then I got the photos I wanted.”

Zacek’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.




Written by paranoiasnfm

2 de Outubro de 2014 às 19:09

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  1. Interesting view from above!

    Dawn D

    3 de Outubro de 2014 at 00:51


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