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Rogue Weather

Photograph by Catie Prechtel, National Geographic Your Shot

“As the smoke from the Oregon Gulch Fire began rolling into the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, I decided to get a closer look at the enormous pyrocumulonimbus cloud that was rapidly filling the sky,” writes Catie Prechtel, a member of our Your Shot community. “There were so many forms within the smoke-tinted cloud that it was difficult to pick a single area to photograph, but what repeatedly caught my attention was this curling curtain of cloud that appeared to be releasing sheets of precipitation. Using my telephoto lens, I was able to capture both the looming shape of the cloud and its eerie glow.”

Prechtel’s picture recently appeared in the Your Shot assignment Show Me Your Wilderness.


Written by paranoiasnfm

6 de Setembro de 2014 às 08:50


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