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Don’t Look Down on Me

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A documentary I made about my experiences in New York City as a little person.

A huge thank you to everyone for all of the views and shares that have helped spread the video’s message so far, reading all of your messages and comments has been so motivating and gratifying. Thank you so much for all of your support.


Com 22 anos, Jonathan Novick fartou-se de ser olhado na rua, no metro, em qualquer lugar por onde passa, e decidiu filmar um mini-documentário para mostrar as outros o que lhe costuma acontecer diariamente. O norte-americano sofre do tipo mais comum de nanismo, chamado acondroplasia, e vive em Nova Iorque há cerca de um ano. Cruza-se com muita gente, todos os dias, e todos os dias ouve impropérios, vê pessoas a tirarem-lhe fotografias e a virarem a cabeça para o observarem melhor.



Written by paranoiasnfm

30 de Agosto de 2014 às 13:00

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  1. Sigh! I’d just written an long comment and did something with my computer and it vanished! 😦
    I was saying that this video reminded me of two instances. The first was in China, when I was travelling around with my mother. In the subway, a little girl (2 or 3) started to cry when she saw us. I think we were the first white people she’d ever seen.
    The second happened a few days ago. I was shopping and saw this little girl whose face had a really weird shape. Flatter, eyes seeming huge… I don’t know exactly. I’ll confess that I looked at her, probably longer than I would have a more regular person (unless it was a cute guy maybe 😉 ). Part of me was intrigued to figure out what it was that was different about her. Part of me pitied her, thinking it must be tough for such a young girl to have to let go of the carelessness of childhood already. And part of me knew I shouldn’t look at her for too long, so as not to make her uncomfortable. I don’t think she saw me look, she was too busy looking at clothes the way any young girl would. I hope, if she noticed it, that she saw the smile in my eyes, the kindness rather than judgement.
    I must say I’m afraid ‘looking’ is part of human nature. We want to understand what is making us/this person different. And some humans are too scared of differences or would rather judge.
    But Jonathan Novick is right, if we try to put ourselves into their shoes for a little while, at least we will not look at them like circus animals anymore (really, are people taking *pictures*?). And I hope that this young man can also realise that he doesn’t need to be offended by every single look. Sometimes people will look and indeed think how hard his day must be…

    Dawn D

    30 de Agosto de 2014 at 20:21


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