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Written by paranoiasnfm

26 de Agosto de 2014 às 19:00

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  1. I don’t find this funny but sad. That a perfectly perfect young woman would be allowed to do this to herself and risk her health all because some plastic surgeons want to earn some money.
    Or maybe I shouldn’t judge. As I said, not my best evening. But I wish all women (and men really) could just see the beauty within themselves rather than try and correct it all the time, with diets, surgeries in our societies, or fattening in some others.
    I know I still have a way to go before I feel comfortable in my own skin, but I think I’d rather spend time and energy learning to appreciate myself rather than money to have someone transform my body. Not that I have the money any how 😉
    (or maybe it’s because I heard someone tell me too often that my body wasn’t enough and maybe I should have surgery…)

    Dawn D

    27 de Agosto de 2014 at 20:28


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