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Those Lion Eyes

Photograph by Hannes Lochner, National Geographic Your Shot

When photographer Hannes Lochner set up his camera at a water hole in South Africa’s Kalahari, he tried hiding it from curious lions because “they might play with it or carry it off,” he writes. “On this particular evening, I was in my vehicle just as the sun was setting, the dust in the air creating a special kind of Kalahari light, and a pride of lions arrived. By repeatedly clicking the shutter, I coaxed the ever curious cubs forward.”

Lochner’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.



Written by paranoiasnfm

19 de Agosto de 2014 às 22:34

2 Respostas

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  1. Fantástico!

    Paulo Vasco

    23 de Agosto de 2014 at 18:18

  2. Que fotografia linda!

    Ricardo JM Vieira

    20 de Agosto de 2014 at 00:38


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