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Croc Tail

Photograph by Mike Korostelev, National Geographic Your Shot

“I met this crocodile face-to-face underwater,” writes Your Shot member Mike Korostelev. “There was only my underwater camera between it and me.”

Having long dreamt of photographing a crocodile in its natural aquatic habitat, Korostelev traveled to Banco Chinchorro, Mexico, a biosphere reserve in the Caribbean Sea and a breeding ground for American crocodiles. “We lived in a fisherman’s hut that stood right on the sea on stilts. During the day we searched for crocodiles, which swam out of mangroves to hunt fish. This one was quite friendly and showed its beauty all around.”


Written by paranoiasnfm

13 de Agosto de 2014 às 19:49

Uma resposta

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  1. That is a big croc !


    13 de Agosto de 2014 at 19:54


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