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Ankara, Turkey

Photograph by Sukri Celil Advan, National Geographic Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: City Pictures

Whirling dervishes perform the ritual dance of the Sufi sect in a showroom in Ankara. Practitioners believe the act of repeatedly spinning allows them to forget their earthly body and move closer to God.

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Written by paranoiasnfm

20 de Julho de 2014 às 11:44

2 Respostas

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  1. I liked from my phone and didn’t manage to pick the correct number of stars (think fat fingers 😉 ).
    This picture reminds me of the yoga routine I have. It is a great ‘position’. You do forget about the outside world while you swirl.
    And why should only little girls enjoy having theie skirts float around luke this? 🙂

    Dawn D

    20 de Julho de 2014 at 11:59


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