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Freeze Frame

Photograph by Keith Szafranski, National Geographic Your Shot

“On my last day in Antarctica photographing emperor penguins at their nesting grounds, I came across this little hole (a little more than a foot across) in a small piece of blue ice,” writes Keith Szafranski, a member of our Your Shot community. Originally hoping it would make a good frame for the landscape, Szafranski then saw a string of penguins moving toward it. “I stuck my camera with a wide-angle lens into the hole and waited.”

Szafranski’s picture recently appeared in the Your Shot assignment Embrace the Untamed.



Written by paranoiasnfm

19 de Julho de 2014 às 12:46

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  1. Wow!!

    Dawn D

    21 de Julho de 2014 at 00:30


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