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Animals are purchased for local consumption and export at the Hargeisa Livestock Market. The average selling price is between $75-90 USD for a sheep or goat, and on a busy day thousands of animals can be sold.


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Sheep and goats are held at the Berbera National Health Quarantine, which has the capacity to hold 120,000 animals. Over 50% of Somaliland’s GDP is made up of livestock exports. Most of these animals start their journey from the port of Berbera, destined for Saudi Arabia, in time for the annual Hajj.


Sheep and goats walk from Berbera National Health Quarantine to the port of Berbera, where they will be herded onto ships bound for Saudi Arabia. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that $250 million worth of animals will leave the port and its more ramshackle rival, Bossaso, in the seven weeks before the Hajj.


Animals are herded onto the ship AL-BARAKA.5 bound for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The ship can hold almost 85,000 animals. This is the third sailing during the 2013 high season—September 21st to October 14th.


More photos here.


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