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the creatures of cornwall park

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the pauses between

it’s easy to understand why, when some people think of rolling green hills and cinematic landscapes, a mental picture of new zealand immediately comes to mind. after all, new zealand, indeed, is synonymous to nature. that i’ve seen for myself. if melbourne is high on architecture, new zealand is high on parks. at least that’s what i thought while sitting on the bus and watching park after park after park outside my window. or so they seemed to me, considering how everything was just green and well, park-y. coming from a land where there are hardly any decent parks available for the general public, even the island in the middle of the road looked like a mini park to me already! forgive my apparent ignorance but, yeah… it can be quite a refreshing sight to see, although it can also be as lonely because, you know, trees often have this…

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Written by Nuno França

18 de Janeiro de 2014 às 20:11

Publicado em Paranóia


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