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It’s become a tradition around here for me to post a few Halloween treats the last week of October. For the past two years, it’s been pictures of the best pumpkin carvings, and best roasted seeds recipe I could find. And guess what? This year it’s the same! (Sorry, old readers, but for you new subscribers, welcome!) So technically, this might be a re-post, but I have added new pumpkin images, a few more words in honor of the roasted seeds which I could eat until I explode, and a bonus: a picture of the costume that made me laugh the loudest in my haunts through the early Fall blogosphere. And let’s not forget, the festivities actually began last post, with a nightmarish tale dug up from the troves of my personal middle school horrors.

So first, the seeds. To enhance your (my) gorging euphoria, I’ll mention that they are nutritional powerhouses…

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Written by Nuno França

17 de Janeiro de 2013 às 13:19

Publicado em Paranóia

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  1. Thank you! Gracias! 🙂


    17 de Janeiro de 2013 at 14:09


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